Vinitopia in a nutshell

Vinitopia is the vineyard of the crypto space.

Why Vinitopia

Vinitopia is the result of a long reflection and answers a real need: helping crypto brands extend their experience and history through quality products.
The project is powered by Vinipop , a Web2 company dedicated to producing & distributing licence wines in partnership with majors including the official wine for the Peaky Blinders series and the Lord of the Rings movie.
You may wonder if Vinitopia’s wines will be of high quality, and that’s an important question. Vinitopia, like Vinipop, is a project supported by Thibault and Maxime. Thibault Bardet is a producer of Grands Crus in the Bordeaux Saint Emilion region. Vignobles Bardet has been producing wine since 1704.

Shelby Company Ltd – By order of Thibault Bardet

Our mission

Our main goal is to build a strong community in the space and provide DAOs with the wine that fits their history and brand platform. Vinitopia also aims to become one of the favorite partner of the biggest Web3 events. Together we can make Web3 fashionable for wine, and wine fashionable for Web3.

Indeed, the DAOs deserve a more interesting merchandise than basic dropshipping t-shirts that will be flocked to the colours of their project. DAOs with a strong identity deserve quality products that leave a lasting impression. What better way to express their identity than with a Saint-Emilion Grand Cru wine, especially labelled for their holders?

This is the type of service that Vinitopia will offer taking care care of both production & distribution. As the World of Web3 is limitless, this is of course only a brief glimpse of the roadmap Vinitopia aims to deliver in the future. The best is indeed to come…

Let’s craft your DAO wine!

Our vision

Becoming your DAO favorite wine producer is just the first step of our plan. We want to build a community to support our ambitions of providing more by delivering utilities & rewards to our NFT holders. On the other hand we also want to pave the way for more wine producers to connect with Web3 using software and branding to our advantage. We’re just getting started with this new aventure, let’s make it happen!